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BD is seeking a creative and motivated Post-Doctoral Research Fellow to join our Genomic Sciences R&D team.

Based at the BD Research Centre Ireland in Limerick, you will work as part of the Oncology-Circulating Tumor Cell multi-disciplinary team, who are responsible for conducting and managing daily experiments involving the isolation and characterization of clinically relevant circulating tumor cells using an acoustic microfluidics cell enrichment device in combination with a FACS index sorter.

Conduct ex vivo testing of circulating tumor cells through molecular index profiling via BD’s Unique Molecular Indexing (UMI) technology
Have a broad understanding of flow cytometry and cell sorting
Ideally have familiarity with microfluidic platforms and workflows

Ph.D. in Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, or related discipline
Broad experience in cell and molecular biology
Experience in flow cytometry and cell sorting, including single cell studies
Experience in genomics and ideally includes Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and gene expression analysis
Experience in NGS library construction and quality assessment for RNA workflows
Experience with data analysis and interpretation using bioinformatics tools and statistical methods, especially as applied to single cell genomics

To apply - click here



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