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Schneider H.V., Wesemann W.
1991; 350стр.; ISBN: 3527277161

without description
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Область: Биология развития и Клеточная биология (иммунология, гистология, нейробиология), Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия)
Язык и уровень: Высшая школа (нем)
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John Wiley & Sons; 1975; 278стр.; ISBN: 0470919264

Book description

The author was introduced to practical aspects of the subject of Rheometry during a three months visit to the Dallas Field Research Laboratory of the Mobil Oil Corporation in 1964 and the help and encouragement of Mr. J. G. Savins in particular were largely instrumental in motivating the formation of an experimental programme within the author's research group. A further visit to the U.S.A. in 1973, (this time to the Mathematics Research Center of the University of Wisconsin) was also beneficial in formulating the general structure of this book. Stimulating discussions with Professors R. B. Bird and A. S. Lodge were of significant help in this connection.

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Область: Биомедицина и Разработка лекарств, Физическая химия, Фармацевтическая промышленность
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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Mattison D.R.
National Academy Press; 2000; 335стр.; ISBN: 030906371X

Book Info

(National Research Council) Report includes: scope of the committee's effort, waste incineration overview, incineration processes and environmental releases, environmental transport and exposure pathways of substances emitted from incineration facilities, health effects of incineration, regulations, social issues, and uncertainty and variability.
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Область: Другое в Медицине
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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(Wastewater Microbiology)
Gerardi M.H., Zimmerman M.C.
Wiley-Interscience; 2004; 179стр.; ISBN: 047120692X


"Even though this book was prepared for personnel who work at wastewater treatment facilities….it would also be very useful and applicable to personnel who work in solid waste management." (Waste Management, Volume 26, Issue 1, 2006) "…a good addition to any wastewater treatment plant operators' library." (E-STREAMS, September 2005) "...offers wastewater personnel a practical guide that is free of overly technical jargon...well-suited for use both in the classroom and on the job." (Journal of the American Water Resources Association, December 2004)

Book Description

A practical guide to wastewater pathogens The fourth volume in Wiley's Wastewater Microbiology series, Wastewater Pathogens offers wastewater personnel a practical guide that is free of overly technical jargon. Designed especially for operators, the text provides straight facts on the biology of treatment as well as appropriate protective measures. Coverage includes: * An overview of relevant history, hazards, and organisms * Viruses, bacteria, and fungi * Protozoa and helminthes * Ectoparasites and rodents * Aerosols, foam, and sludge * Disease transmission and the body's defenses * Removal, inactivation, and destruction of pathogens * Hygiene measures, protective equipment, and immunizations
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Область: Инфекционные Болезни, Иммунный Ответ
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: Water_and_the_Cell.jpg
Pollack, Cameron, Wheatley
Springer-Verlag; 2006; ISBN: 1402049269

Description: This book deals with the role of water in cell function. Though long recognized to be central to cell function, water’s role has not received the attention lately that it deserves. This book brings the role of water front and central. It presents the most recent work of the leading authorities on the subject, culminating in a series of sometimes astonishing observations. Water is a subject of interest to virtually everyone. It is becoming increasingly important in health therapy, in the environment, in chemistry and physics, and certainly in cells. Thus, this groundbreaking volume will be of great interest to a broad audience, well beyond those in biology alone. The reader will be richly awarded with insights difficult or impossible to obtain in current textbooks, which generally treat water merely as a background carrier with limited significance.


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Область: Эволюция, Палеонтология, Таксономия, Антропология, Микробиология (бактериология, вирусология, микология), Биология развития и Клеточная биология (иммунология, гистология, нейробиология), Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Биофизика
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: Web_Mobile-Based_Applications_for_Healthcare_Management.jpg
Latif, Al-hakim
2007; 421стр.; ISBN: 1591406587

Product Description

Healthcare organizations are constantly designing effective systems aiming to help achieve customer satisfaction. Web-based and mobile-based technologies are two forms of information technologies that healthcare executives are increasingly looking to merge as an opportunity to develop such systems. Web Mobile-Based Applications for Healthcare Management addresses the difficult task of managing admissions and waiting lists while ensuring a quick and convincing response to unanticipated changes of the clinical needs. Web Mobile-Based Applications for Healthcare Management tackles the limitations of traditional systems, and takes into consideration the dynamic nature of clinical needs, scarce resources, alternative strategies, and customer satisfaction in an environment that often imposes unexpected deviation from planned activities.

About the Author

Latif Al-Hakim is the lecturer of supply chain management in the Department of Economics and Resources Management -Faculty of Business at the University of Southern Queensland. His experience spans thirty-five years in industry, research and development organisations and in universities. He received his first degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1968. His MSc (1977) in Industrial Engineering and PhD (1983) in Management Science were awarded from University of Wales (UK). He has published extensively in facilities planning and systems analysis.


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Область: Компьютерное моделирование и Биоинформатика, Инженерия, Компьютеры и Программирование для медицины
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: Werner_and_Ingbar_s_The_Thyroid_A_Fundamental_and_Clinical_Text_ed9.jpg   Оглавление книги
Braverman L.E., Utiger R.D.
Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins; 2004; 1100стр.; ISBN: 0781750474

ISBN-13: 9780781750479

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Book Description
Completely updated for its Ninth Edition, this classic text provides comprehensive coverage of every aspect of thyroid anatomy, development, biochemistry, physiology, pathophysiology, and treatment of all thyroid disorders.

Book Info
Boston Univ., MA. Brandon/Hill Medical List first-purchase and minimal-core selection (#150). This edition includes more international authors, new chapters, and current findings from clinical trials. For clinicians, residents, and advanced medical students. Previous edition: c1996. DNLM: Thyroid Diseases. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

The book contains black-and-white illustrations.

From the Publisher
This is a classic reference aimed at medical students, fellows, researchers and clinicians. It is the most comprehensive text on the thyroid and covers all aspects of the thyroid gland from the normal to the malfunctioning. It has been referred to as the "bible" for fellows, faculty, and practicing physicians. The editors and contributors are leaders in the field.

Brandon/Hill suggests this classic text both for an initial purchase and as essential for the minimal core collection. The ninth edition, edited by Braverman (Boston U. School of Medicine) and Utiger (Harvard Medical School) presents revised and updated material, with 81 chapters grouped into nine sections. Among the chapter topics are genomic and nongenomic actions of thyroid hormones, chronic autoimmune thyroiditis, genetic defects causing hypothyroidism, subclinical hypothyroidism, subclinical thyrotoxicosis, and thyroid disease during pregnancy. Several topics merit multiple chapters, including hypothyroidism in infants and children, carcinoma of follicular epithelium, Graves' disease, and thyrotropin. Each chapter is signed and concludes with a lengthy bibliography. Annotation ©2005 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

3 Stars from Doody

From The Critics
Journal of the American Medical Association
The eighth edition has an array of outstanding expert contributors in the field of thyroidology. The text has been extensively revised, covering the latest developments in the fields of molecular biology and clinical thyroidology. Authors comprehensively review and evaluate what is known in their particular fields of interest, providing a coherent, state-of-the-art review. The editors of the eighth edition, Drs Lewis E. Braverman and Robert D. Utiger, are among the most respected thyroidologists of our generation. Not surprisingly, this edition is superb.

Roy E. Weiss
How does one review a bible? Do you ask God to rewrite Genesis and make sure his references are updated, including the sequence of the human genome? Although one should not confuse thyroidology with religion (although certain dogmas in the former seem divinely inspired), that is the way I felt when writing a review of this stunning revision. The purpose is to provide clinical endocrinologists and basic scientists with comprehensive information on thyroid disease. Due to coverage of a wide range of subjects on thyroidology, this book would be of importance for the clinical endocrinologist who wishes to understand the pathophysiology of the disease he/she is treating, as well as for basic scientists who wish to appreciate the clinical relevance of their research. Already known as ""the"" primary sourcebook, this text has it all... basic science with the latest on genes regulating embryonic thyroid growth and thyroid hormone action to clinical management of hyperthyroidism and treatment of thyroid cancer, including the use of recombinant thyrotropin. With 126 contributors, I'm in the small group of thyroidologists who hasn't written a chapter -- I appreciate the symphony from the audience. Areas for improvement would be to improve the quality and size of the photographs on the chapter of nonisotopic imaging and add more references to the tables (for example, environmental factors causing autoimmune thyroid disease). Certain tables need to be better clarified (for example, compounds interfering with thyroid function). Although there are other comprehensive textbooks of endocrinology such as DeGroot's Endocrinology - 3 Volume Set 3rd Edition, (WB Saunders, 1995), Becker'sPrinciples and Practice of Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2nd Edition (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 1995), and Williams' Thyroid Hormone Regulation of Gene Expression (RG Landes, 1994), none bring into a single volume the breadth and depth of coverage as this text. I enjoyed reading it from cover to cover. It should be in every endocrinologist's bookcase.
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Область: Нехирургическая Патология (Внутренние Болезни)
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: What_Genes_Can_t_Do.jpg   Оглавление книги
Moss L.
MIT Press; 2003; 256стр.; ISBN: 026213411X

The idea of the gene has been a central organizing theme in contemporary biology, and the Human Genome project and biotechnological advances have put the gene in the media spotlight. In this book Lenny Moss reconstructs the history of the gene concept, placing it in the context of the perennial interplay between theories of preformationism and theories of epigenesis. He finds that there are not one, but two, fundamental--and fundamentally different--senses of "the gene" in scientific use--one the heir to preformationism and the other the heir to epigenesis. "Gene-P", the preformationist gene concept, serves as an instrumental predictor of phenotypic outcomes, while "Gene-D", the gene of epigenesis, is a developmental resource that specifies possible amino acid sequences for proteins. Moss argues that the popular idea that genes constitute blueprints for organisms is the result of an unwarranted conflation of these independently valid senses of the gene, and he analyzes the rhetorical basis of this conflation.

In the heart of the book, Moss uses the Gene-D/Gene-P distinction to examine the real basis of biological order and of the pathological loss of order in cancer. He provides a detailed analysis of the "order-from-order" role of cell membranes and compartmentalization and considers dynamic approaches to biological order such as that of Stuart Kauffman. He reviews the history of cancer research with an emphasis on the oncogene and tumor suppressor gene models and shows how these gene-centered strategies point back to the significance of higher level, multi-cellular organizational fields in the onset and progression of cancer. Finally, Moss draws on the findings of the Human Genome Project, biological modularity, and the growing interest in resynthesyzing theories of evolution and development to look beyond the "century of the gene" toward a rebirth of biological understanding.
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Область: Онкология
Язык и уровень: Высшая школа (анг), Специальный (анг)
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картинка: What_It_Means_to_Be_98_Chimpanzee_-_Apes_People_and_Their_Genes.jpg
Marks J.
2002; 328стр.; ISBN: 0520900626

The overwhelming similarity of human and ape genesis one of the best-known facts of modern genetic science. But whatdoes this similarity mean? Does it, as many have suggested, have profound implications for understanding human nature? Well-known molecular anthropologist Jonathan Marks uses the human-versus-ape controversy as a jumping-off point for a radical reassessment of a range of provocative issues--from the role of science in society to racism, animal rights, and cloning. Full of interesting facts, fascinating personalities, and vivid examples that capture times and places, this work explains and demystifies human genetic science--showing ultimately how ithas always been subject to social and political influences and teaching us how to think critically about its modern findings. Marks presents the field of molecular anthropology--a synthesis of the holistic approach of anthropology with the reductive approach of molecular genetics--as a way of improving our understanding of the science of human evolution. As he explores the intellectual terrain of this field, he lays out its broad areas of interest with issues ranging from the differences between apes andhumans to the biological and behavioral variations expressed in humans as a species. Marks confronts head-on the problems of racial classification in science. He describes current theories about race and uses work in primatology, comparative anatomy, and molecular anthropology to debunk them. He also sheds new light on the controversial Great Ape Project, the Human Genome Diversity Project, and much more. This iconoclastic, witty, and extremely readable book illuminates the deep background of human variation and asks us to reconsider the role of science in modern society.
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Область: Эволюция, Палеонтология, Таксономия, Антропология, Генетика и Селекция, Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Этология, Психология, Компьютерное моделирование и Биоинформатика
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг), Специальный (анг)
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картинка: Wheeler_s_Dental_Anatomy_Physiology_and_Occlusion.jpg   Оглавление книги
Ash M.M., Nelson S.
W.B. Saunders (now a part of Elsevier Science) ; 2002; 520стр.; ISBN: 0721693822

Book Description

The updated 8th edition of this classic reference provides a visually-oriented presentation of dental macromorphology and evidence-based chronologies of the human dentitions, while reflecting definitive shifts in modern dental practice. New features include an enhanced reader-friendly approach, new color illustrations, and a greater emphasis on clinical applications. A new, interactive CD-ROM offers three-dimensional animations of masticatory movements including tooth contact relationships and temporomandibular joint movements that bring the text's illustrations to life. Plus, an interactive mock examination mimics the National Board exam for outstanding review and practice.

Book Info

Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Updated text provides a visually oriented presentation of dental knowledge and includes evidence-based chronologies of the human dentitions. Features color drawings, CD-ROM, the developmental process, temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder evaluations, and 210-question exam. Previous edition: c1993.

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Область: Стоматология
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: When_Cells_Die_II.jpg   Оглавление книги
Lockshin R.A., Zakeri Z.
John Wiley & Sons; 2003; 568стр.; ISBN: 0471219479


"...thoughtfully edited and readable. The book illustrates the importance of apoptosis in development, homeostasis, and human disease...an important contribution to the literature." (Doody's Book Review Service) "…thoroughly researched, highly readable, and informative." (E-STREAMS, March 2005)

Book Description

Cell death is fast becoming one of the most dynamic areas of biological research-involving as it does the study of apoptosis and programmed cell death and the role these phenomena play in development and homeostasis on the one hand, and aging and disease on the other. The profound implications for medicine and agriculture from the manipulation of these processes have spawned a deluge of research papers, articles, approaches, and methods-making it difficult for scientists to get an overview of the field. When Cells Die II: A Comprehensive Evaluation of Apoptosis and Programmed Cell Death offers the most thorough, cutting-edge coverage of this field since publication of the acclaimed first edition. Leading international researchers present an up-to-date yet accessible survey ranging from the history of cell death science to its modern methodology. Extensively revised to include major advances in research, this new edition features relevant discussion of: * The impact of genomics and proteomics * Gene therapy and pharmacogenetics * The role of mitochondria * Caspase-independent and non-apoptotic cell death * Evolution of mechanisms With the manipulation of programmed cell death in clinical situations now in the foreseeable future, When Cells Die II also addresses the role of apoptosis in specific organ systems-the immune system, nervous system, and gastrointestinal tract-as well as different disease states, including viral infection, cancer, and myocardial infarct. Expertly edited to provide detailed cross-referencing, consistency of style, and a logical progression of topics, When Cells Die II is the definitive resource for understanding current cell death science. It will prove an invaluable text for advanced undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, postdoctoral fellows, scientists, and clinicians in cell biology, immunology, developmental biology, neuroscience, and cancer research.

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Область: Биология развития и Клеточная биология (иммунология, гистология, нейробиология)
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: Mobility_Problems_of_Adults_with_Chronic_Conditions.jpg   Оглавление книги
Iezzoni L.
ISBN-13: 9780520238190; 2003; 366стр.; ISBN: 0520238192

ISBN-13: 9780520238190

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Область: Нехирургическая Патология (Внутренние Болезни)
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: White_Biotechnology.jpg   Оглавление книги
Advances in Biochemical Engineering / Biotechnology кн.105
Ред. Ulber R., Sell D.
Springer-Verlag; 2007; 300стр.; ISBN: 3540456957

White Biotechnology is an emerging field within modern biotechnology that serves industry. It uses living cells like moulds, yeasts or bacteria, as well as enzymes to produce goods and services.


There is no long-termalternative to developing a technology based firmly on renewable resources and industrial biotechnology may offer various solutions in this field. The tremendous pace of progress in the field of molecular biology has provided an unprecedented and promising launching pad for the development of further industrially relevant biocatalysts. Simultaneously, bioprocess engineering know-how is supporting efficient process development from titer plate format to shaker flasks to industrial scale. Thus, in principle, a basis exists for accelerating the development of new industrial bioprocesses in parallel with all disciplines concerned. In this book authors from different scientific and business areas of industrial biotechnology aim to give you an overview of the state of the art and ongoing developments.
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Область: Биотехнология
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: Who_Monographs_on_Selected_Medical_Plants.jpg   Оглавление книги
Who Monographs on Selected Medicinal Plants
World Health Organization; 1999; 289стр.; ISBN: 9241545178

From publisher

A collection of 28 monographs covering the quality control and traditional and clinical uses of selected medicinal plants. Plants were selected for inclusion on the basis of their widespread use, particularly in countries that rely heavily on medicinal plants to meet primary health care needs. Monographs are provided for a number of phytomedicines traditionally used to treat such common complaints as diarrhoea, constipation, headache, appetite loss, sleep disorders, fatigue, and mild respiratory, gastrointestinal, and skin disorders. Additional medical applications assessed range from the lipid-lowering potential of garlic powder preparations, through the possible antiplasmodial activity of Fructus Bruceae, to the role of curcumin in promoting peptic ulcer healing and reducing the associated abdominal pain.
In preparing and publishing these monographs, WHO aims to encourage standardized scientific approaches to ensuring the safety, quality and efficacy of medicinal plants and their products. The monographs are also intended to promote international harmonization in the quality control and use of herbal medicines and to serve as models for the development of national formularies. Draft monographs were finalized following review by over 100 experts in 40 countries. Some 1400 references to the literature are included.
Each monograph follows a standard format, with information presented in two parts. The first gives pharmacopoeial summaries for quality assurance, botanical features, distribution, identity tests, purity requirements, chemical assays, and active or major chemical constituents. A section on definition provides the Latin binomial pharmacopoeial name, the most important criterion in quality assurance. Latin pharmacopoeial synonyms and vernacular names, listed in the section on synonyms and selected vernacular names, are those names used in commerce or by local consumers.
The second part of each monograph begins with a list of dosage forms and of medicinal uses categorized as uses supported by clinical data, uses described in pharmacopoeias and in traditional systems of medicine, and uses described in folk medicine, but not yet supported by experimental or clinical data. Each monograph also includes an extensive review of available data on experimental and clinical pharmacology, followed by information on contraindications, such as sensitivity or allergy, warnings, precautions, particularly in such special groups as pregnant and breast-feeding women, adverse reactions, and dosage. A list of references concludes the monograph.
/ Книги,  #122889  /
Область: Классическая биология (ботаника, зоология), Физиология (растений и животных), Другое в Медицине
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: Why_Is_Sex_Fun.jpg   Оглавление книги
Diamond J.
Basic Books; 1998; 272стр.; ISBN: 075380154X

Book description

The Science Masters Series is a global publishing vonture consisting of original science books written by leading scientists and published by a worldwide team of twenty-six publishers assembled by John Brockman. The series was conceived by Anthony Cheetham of Orion Publishers and John Brockman of Brockman Inc., a New York literary agency, and developed in coordination with Basic Books.

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Область: Психиатрия, Невропатология, Психология, Другое в Медицине
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: Wilderness_Medicine_ed4.jpg   Оглавление книги
Wilderness Medicine: Management of Wilderness and Environmental Emergencies
Auerbach P.S.
Mosby; 2001; 1910стр.; ISBN: 0323009506

ISBN-13: 9780323009508

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Book Description
Thoroughly revised, updated and expanded, this critically acclaimed reference prepares you to manage medical emergencies caused by environmental encounters, including injury prevention and respect for natural environments. Included in the text are color illustrations that give the reader a better view of the situation at hand. Packed with how-to explanations and practical, direct advice, it covers emergencies such as envenomations, altitude illness, burns, motion sickness, and problems caused by cold, heat, snakes, sharks, and marine microbes. Includes totally new information on bear attacks, cave rescue, airway and eye emergencies, wilderness clothing, and much more!

Book Info
Stanford Univ., CA. Reference includes diagnostic and treatment protocols, definitions, clinical presentations, and more. How-to explanations and practical approaches to emergencies, and information on children and women in the wilderness, legal aspects, and ethics. Previous edition: c1995. New illustrations have been added.

From The Critics
Michael S. Jastremski
Wilderness Medicine is a great book. Its purpose, as stated in the preface to the first edition, is "to provide the clinician with a body of knowledge concerned with the interactions between people and the natural environment." It is an informative, practical, well-written, and richly illustrated book about the practice of medicine in remote locations and extreme environments. Dr Paton's foreword describing the medical and environmental challenges faced by the Lewis and Clark expedition is fascinating.


Paul S. Auerbach, MD, MS; Clinical Professor of Surgery, Div Emergency Med., Stanford Univ School of Medicine, CA.
Auerbach, Paul S., MD, MS, FACEP
/ Книги,  #115134  /
Область: Медицина Экстремальных Состояний
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: Wiley_Encyclopedia_of_Molecular_Medicine_Volumes_1-5.gif
John Wiley & Sons; 2002; 3768стр.; ISBN: 0471374946

The field of molecular biology is revolutionizing human medicine and the applications of molecular biology to medicine are expanding. This encyclopedia brings together those aspects of medicine that have significance at the molecular level, plus advances in molecular biology that are relevant to medicine. With over 1,700 separate primary entries, this comprehensive encyclopedia sets the standard for reference works in this rapidly expanding field. The coverage in this encyclopedia is multilayered, ranging from the organ to the cell to the molecular and includes extensive cross-referencing. Geneticists, biochemists, molecular biologists, medical researchers, and doctors with either an academic or industrial background will find this an essential resource.
/ Литература,  #22965  /
Область: Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Биомедицина и Разработка лекарств
Язык и уровень: Словари, справочники, энциклопедии (анг)
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Beutler E., Lichtman M.A., Coller B.S., Kipps T.J., Seligsohn U.
McGraw-Hill Professional; 2000; 1941стр.; ISBN: 0070703973

Book Description

Visit http://www.williamshematology.com for more information. Williams HEMATOLOGY, 6th Edition, informs on new developments in genetics and molecular biology, sickle cell diseases, gene rearrangements, platelet morphology, biochemistry and function and so much more. Chapters remaining from the previous edition have been carefully reviewed and thoroughly updated, in order to provide you with the most current and authoritative coverage of the field now available. The 6th Edition addresses the hottest topics in hematology today... * New developments in the genetics and the molecular pathogenesis of blood cell disorders * Extensive treatment of cytokine and chemokine networks in blood cell regulation * The most recent diagnostic and treatment approaches to blood cell and coagulation protein disorders * Advances in the management of the lymphomas and lymphocytic leukemias * Comprehensive descriptions of the diagnosis and management of the cloncal myeloid diseases * The most recent concepts of diseases of platelets and the management of hemostatic and thrombotic diseases

Visit http://www.williamshematology.com for more information.
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Univ. of California, San Diego, La Jolla. Brandon/Hill Medical List first-purchase selection (#248). Major reference for clinicians, residents, and advanced students. Includes extensive references, and chapter summaries and definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms added to the beginning of each chapter. Previous edition: c1995. DNLM: Hematologic Diseases.
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Область: Нехирургическая Патология (Внутренние Болезни)
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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Ред. Williams Rh., Larsen Pr., Kronenberg Hm., Melmed S., Polonsky Ks., Wilson Jd., Foster Dw.
John Wiley & Sons; 2002; 1820стр.; ISBN: 0721691846

Book Description
The state-of-the-art, tenth edition of endocrinology's classic text bridges the gap between basic science and endocrinology clinical practice. Thoroughly revised and updated, it includes new material on the thyroid and diabetes mellitus to reflect today's explosive increase in knowledge. Written by an outstanding team of authors, the 10th edition features numerous new authors who provide fresh perspectives.

Book Info
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. Brandon/Hill Medical List minimal-core, first-purchase selection (#162). Former edition, c1998, was written by Jean D. Wilson. Comprehensive textbook provides a condensed and authoritative discussion of the management of clinical endocrinopathies. Includes a new and expanded diabetes section, data on aging, fertility, and more.
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Область: Физиология (растений и животных), Биомедицина и Разработка лекарств, Фармакология, Другое в Медицине
Язык и уровень: Высшая школа (анг), Специальный (анг)
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картинка: Williams_Textbook_of_Endocrinology_ed10.jpg   Оглавление книги
Williams R.H., Larsen P.R., Kronenberg H.M., Melmed S., Polonsky K.S.
Elsevier Science; 2002; 1820стр.; ISBN: 0721691846

Book Description
The state-of-the-art, tenth edition of endocrinology's classic text bridges the gap between basic science and endocrinology clinical practice. Thoroughly revised and updated, it includes new material on the thyroid and diabetes mellitus to reflect today's explosive increase in knowledge. Written by an outstanding team of authors, the 10th edition features numerous new authors who provide fresh perspectives.

Book Info
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. Brandon/Hill Medical List minimal-core, first-purchase selection (#162). Former edition, c1998, was written by Jean D. Wilson. Comprehensive textbook provides a condensed and authoritative discussion of the management of clinical endocrinopathies. Includes a new and expanded diabetes section, data on aging, fertility, and more.

о книге: Reviewer: Jennifer M. Cunningham, MD (University of Chicago Medical Center)
Description: This updated edition of a general endocrine textbook presents normal endocrine function at both the molecular and clinical levels, as well as states of endocrine pathology. It is a significant update from the prior version published in 1998.
Purpose: The purpose is to update the previous edition using a fresh approach to the presentation of the essentials of clinical endocrinology. The stated goal is to incorporate molecular and physiological science into scholarly yet practical presentations on disease management. New authors were invited to prepare many of the chapters, so this work is more than just adding new information to previously written chapters. Overall, the book is successful in achieving its goals, although there certainly is variability from chapter to chapter in the practical use of the extensive knowledge.
Audience: The authors do not specify an audience, but clearly it is appropriate for a wide range of readers, from students to practitioners of endocrinology. For students, it would be particularly beneficial in its presentation of basic endocrine physiology, as well as a reference for different disease states. For endocrine practitioners, it is useful for the details it gives regarding many of the disease states as well as the controversies and pitfalls in testing for these. For non-endocrine practitioners, however, the details may obscure the basics of the endocrine evaluations for specific disease states and they may find this book less user-friendly.
Features: Most chapters begin with an explanation of the physiology and/or pathophysiology of the endocrine organ and its disease states. The authors then discuss the clinical characteristics, including treatment and diagnosis, of endocrine disease states. The scope of topics is excellent, including chapters on such subjects as endocrinology and aging and endocrine responsive cancer as opposed to organization simply by individual endocrine organs. The book differs from others in the length of its chapters, which are broken down into smaller sections and subsections. The purpose seems to be to locate all items related to a given subject within the same chapter. However, this can make it somewhat cumbersome to use, and readers in search of a particular topic will find the index far more helpful than the table of contents, which lists only the major chapter headings. The figures and illustrations are of good quality and are given adequate emphasis. Inexplicably, there is a large section of color photographs and figures after chapter 12. These are of good quality but unlikely to be appreciated by most readers due to their seemingly random location in the book. They should be placed, with appropriate notation in the table of contents, at the back or front of the book. Despite the book's stated goals, there is a lot of variability among chapters regarding clinical utility. The thyroid neoplasia section of Chapter 13 seems to focus on guiding a practitioner in patient management, with subsections labeled follow-up strategy. The section on menopause, on the other hand, fails to comment on any of the very relevant nonhormonal treatments available for menopausal symptoms.
Assessment: Overall, this is a quality book and provides a good update in the major areas of endocrinology. Its presentation of the science of endocrinology is excellent. The clinical application of this science is excellent in some chapters but difficult to distinguish in others. It is certainly a worthwhile contribution to the field, but those in search of practical direction regarding disease management may need to consult other books as well, depending on the subject matter.

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Область: Нехирургическая Патология (Внутренние Болезни)
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