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* Personal business is interesting Can start without a lot of capital -- deleted by Bolivar --
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For those who are looking for a personal business or want to start a business with little capital, they are looking for a business that does not require a lot of capital but can generate good income. Which in the beginning to do business must first look at the interests and target audience. Including the skills that they are good at

Today, joker gaming has 15 interesting personal businesses. Able to start without needing to use a lot of capital and also generate good income. As a guideline for those interested in starting a business as follows

1. Trade online
It is a very interesting personal business because it is easy to start with and can start investing from little to much according to our strength. Have the opportunity to generate high income Bringing products to sell through online channels Must know the needs of the market or the group of customers who want to bring the product for sale The product should be of good quality with its price. In order to build a customer base to come back to buy products again or have to say more This is an advantage that online merchants do not need to hire advertisements or open a storefront for selling products. Because the customer base is used as a product reviewer Therefore making less investment But can be very profitable

2. Open a restaurant
This profession is suitable for people who are good at cooking. I want to have a small business Invest with family or with friends. Which can start a private business in opening a restaurant according to the available power Maybe starting with a small business To a large restaurant business Even if you can make food yourself Will be even more economical for investment Because there is no need to hire a cook or cook

3. Open a bubble tea shop
It is a small business that is hot right now. Bubble tea shops can be made from small to large. It is often opened in crowded sources such as the market area in front of the school. Or the various government offices, most of the pearl tea will be used to set up a shop with a roof. Because it uses less investment Just buy a kiosk for selling products. And equipment for making bubble tea only The business is quite well received. And can generate quite good income

4. Homemade Dessert Shop
It is another interesting business. Can start at home Whether it is making Thai desserts Or bakery according to aptitude Can start a personal business without spending a lot of capital Just a device for baking only This business can be developed continuously according to the quantity and customer base. It may start with a group of customers at work or acquaintances and gradually expand the customer base.

5.Sell second-hand products
Able to do business for selling second-hand products, whether clothes, shoes or bags that are not in use but still in good condition, can be sold through online channels or various second-hand markets where the business of selling second-hand products is not just bringing products Own to sell only Able to come and find second-hand products from various sources to sell more

6. Life insurance agent
Life insurance agent business It is a business that has the least investment or almost no investment required. Because they rely on speaking skills and customer care in the public relations and life insurance sales Or various insurance for interested people who would like to join life insurance The more customers you can find, the more. The compensation will be great as well. Which can develop a business to grow Many of them have opened up small companies dedicated to customer groups.
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