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» Germany, Regensburg
картинка: biotech_459522.jpgEntelechon GmbH is an internationally operating biotech service provider specialized in synthetic and molecular biology. We integrate DNA synthesis, bioinformatics, protein expression, and molecular biological services into a versatile development laboratory.

Based on a proprietary gene synthesis method, Entelechon offers a highly flexible and efficient gene synthesis platform with guaranteed product quality verified by sequencing in the company sequencing department. Building on this platform technology, Entelechon offers a broad range of development services in the fields of molecular biology and protein expression.

Our success factor is the diverse team of biochemistry, molecular biology and bioinformatics experts which allows us to perform highly integrated projects such as the development of a multiplex PCR-based diagnostic assay, directed evolution and protein engineering, or the identification and validation of cancer biomarkers.

Products and Services

Gene synthesis and gene optimisation

Protein engineering and protein expression
Starting with the sequence analysis and optimization, through the gene synthesis, to the expression profiling, protein expression upscaling, and protein purification.

Assay development
DNA-based assays, Microarrays, Protein quantification

Software applications for gene optimization, oligonucleotide design, gene synthesis process control and customized software development

Molecular Biology
PCR, qPCR, mutation, subcloning

Entelechon maintains a network comprised of strategic partnerships with academic institutions and companies. Our clients are research institutes, biotech companies, CROs, industrial and pharmaceutical corporations all over the world.
/ Фирмы,  #459522  /
Industriestr. 1 93077 Bad Abbach Germany
Тел.: +49 (9405) 96999-10
Факс: +49 (9405) 96999-28
Веб-адрес: http://www.entelechon.com
Специализация: Антитела, Реакт. для иммуногистохимии, Вектора и штаммы для экспрессии белков, Анализ последовательностей, Программы для мол. клонирования и ПЦР, Другое програмное обеспечение, Генно-инженерные работы, Сиквенс, Олигонуклеотиды, Пептиды, Экспрессия и Очистка белков, Антитела на заказ, Культуры Клеток и Тканей, Микроматрицы на заказ, Анализы, Диагностика, Типирование, Другие биологические услуги
География деятельности: по всему миру
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Enzyme synthesis-Why BOC Sciences

Enzymes are the proteins which catalyse reactions in living cells and they have evolved to cope with specific tasks in biosynthetic or metabolic reactions. One of the biggest advantage of using enzyme in organic synthesis is the good selectivity. With enzymes, enantioselectivities of 99%+ e.e. can be achieved when synthesis the chiral compounds. In addition, when catalyzed by enzymes, the reaction are usually performed at mild conditions (dilute aqueous solution at less than 50°C), which makes the synthesis more convenient for users and environmentally friendly. All these advantages have been tailored to meet the needs of a diverse customer base with varying requirements at different stages of R&D and product commercialization.

BOC Sciences has rich experience in these area and are happy to serve our customer who need it. Also, BOC Sciences provides a broad range of enzymes which can be used in pharmaceutical industry and other area by offering optionality in scale, scope and project complexity. Please find some examples of enzyme reactions:

картинка: enzyme_synthesis.jpg
enzyme_synthesis.jpg — (20.48к)   

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EPICENTRE   / 28 /
картинка: biotech_13315.gifEPICENTRE®, founded in 1987, is a manufacturer and seller of high-quality molecular biology products for life science research, clinical research, molecular diagnostics and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Products are available for transposon-based genetic analysis, DNA and RNA purification, DNA sequencing, PCR and RT-PCR amplification, DNA and RNA modifying enzymes, genomic cloning, in vitro transcription, and protein research.
/ Фирмы,  #13315  /
EPICENTRE 726 Post Road Madison, WI 53713 (U.S.A.)
Тел.: 1-608-258-3080, 1-800-284-8474
Факс: 1-608-258-3088
Веб-адрес: http://www.epibio.com/
Специализация: Ферменты и Киты для мол. биологии, Киты для клонирования, Мутагенеза, приготовления Библиотек, Очистка нуклеиновых кислот
География деятельности: по всему миру
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Eppendorf   / 86 /
» Germany
картинка: biotech_13317.gifEppendorf is a biotechnology company that develops, manufactures and distributes systems comprising instruments, consumables and reagents for use in laboratories worldwide. The company is focused on two business sectors:

Bio Tools, which includes tools such as pipettes, dispensers and centrifuges, and consumables such as test tubes and pipette tips
Molecular Technologies, which includes instruments and systems for cell manipulation, automatic devices for high-throughput screening (HTS), complete systems for DNA multiplication, nucleic acid purification kits and biochips.
/ Фирмы,  #13317  /
Eppendorf AG Barkhausenweg 1 22339 Hamburg Germany
Тел.: ++ 49 40 53 8010
Факс: ++ 49 40 53 801-556
Веб-адрес: http://www.eppendorf.com/
Специализация: Автоматические пипетки, Диспенсеры, Центрифуги, Инкубаторы для Бактерий и Клеток, Шейкеры, Пластик, Пробирки, Пипетки
География деятельности: по всему миру
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Eurogentec   / 37 /
» Belgium
During the past years, Eurogentec has developed a broad platform of enabling technologies. The activities are organised around 2 business units.

The "Tools for Genomics and Proteomics" department offers oligonucleotide synthesis with a large range of modifications, oligonucleotides for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD), Real-Time PCR products, DNA MicroArray services and a wide range of kits and consumables. It also gathers know-how in the design of peptides, either for antibody production or bioactive peptide purposes. Antibody production in a wide range of animal models as well as Peptide-, Antibody- and ProteinArrays are also amongst its expertise.

Eurogentec's "Biologics" unit is a full-service Contract Manufacturing Organisation (CMO) delivering research, development and production services for cGMP clinical batch manufacturing.
/ БиоТех,  #13316  /
Eurogentec Headquarters LIEGE Science Park Rue Bois Saint-Jean 5 4102 Seraing Belgium
Тел.: +32 4 372 74 00
Факс: +32 4 372 75 00
Веб-адрес: http://www.eurogentec.com
География деятельности: Европа
Специализация: Олигонуклеотиды, Пептиды, Антитела на заказ, Микроматрицы на заказ
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Evrogen   / 142 /
» Moscow
[attachmentid(right)=23700]Evrogen provides a variety of products and services for scientists involved in gene discovery and analysis. We offer a unique collection of fluorescent proteins of different colors for common applications including protein labeling and stable cell line generation; photoactivatable fluorescent proteins for direct monitoring of cell, organelle, or protein movement in vivo; kits for cDNA normalization.
Scientists ourselves, we are inspired to contribute our innovations and extensive experience to the international research community involved in gene hunting by performing advanced custom molecular biology services, including normalization of cDNA enriched with full-length sequences, cDNA subtractive hybridization (professional order execution by inventors of the SSH method), amplification of cDNA ends, genome walking, cloning, gene synthesis and mutagenesis.
/ Фирмы,  #17815  /
Evrogen JSC Miklukho-Maklaya 16/10 Moscow, 117997, Russia
Тел.: (+7 495) 429 80 20
Факс: (+7 495) 429 85 20
Веб-адрес: http://www.evrogen.com
Специализация: Ферменты и Киты для мол. биологии, Вектора и штаммы для экспрессии белков, Генно-инженерные работы
География деятельности: по всему миру
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