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Участник оффлайн! blogyang

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Perhaps we all know, building and nurturing a relationship has never been easy. Building a relationship requires not only effort but also time. But even if we open our hearts and run towards other people, it is impossible to know how the opponent will accept them. No matter how hard you try, your opponent doesn't like you. Or let's assume the other person likes us, but we can't know when the other person will change. In particular, the more people suffer, the harder it is to open up to others. They insist that they feel comfortable being alone, refusing to build any more relationships for unnecessary reasons. It may seem weird to many, but have you ever wondered why they are? Blog loving

Most of us want to live up to ourselves and to be loved as we have, but not everyone has that small aspiration. Walking near someone becomes difficult for those who are suffering like that. They are afraid, worried that the opponent will discover their ugly and inferior appearance and then hate and leave them. The wound that piled up day by day made them choose to live to a certain degree so as not to suffer any more injuries. They yearn to be loved, but whenever someone steps closer, they are always scared and run away. Or they are exhausted from trying to be more perfect with the thought that only a really good person deserves to be loved, but when they realize that no matter how hard they try, it will not work, u Immediately sought to engulf them. Gradually, they lost faith in themselves, erected a wall and hid themselves in it, giving up seeking love from others. Being alone brings you a sense of security and comfort, while avoiding further injury, which is better? blogyang

Unfortunately, even if fear is subjected to additional pain, we cannot escape the pain existing in our hearts. The more we try to evade hurt, eliminate the desire to be loved, the more we are burying our own happiness. When you cannot resist the emptiness that grows in your heart, sadness will inherently invade and invade your entire lonely world. For those who are always alone, what they need to do is to break down the walls, open the heart of the closed heart, admitting that you need a shoulder. Although walking close to someone is extremely difficult because we have to expose our inner self that we always want to hide from the other person, but we have to overcome the fear of being rejected. sincere to the side. Having the courage to accept the pain can approach someone, and only when you carry that courage will you receive the love you always want. Do not be forever indulged in your lonely island, be brave to overcome your fears and seek your own happiness!
Source: Blog Confide yang forever is how far

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