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картинка: Molecular_Cloning_A_Laboratory_Manual.jpgMolecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual   Оглавление книги   Оглавление книги
Sambrook J., Russell D.
2001; 2344стр.; ISBN: 0879695773

Djvu, 600 dpi, OCR, 32.6 Mb

The first two editions of this manual have been mainstays of molecular biology for nearly twenty years, with an unrivalled reputation for reliability, accuracy, and clarity.

In this new edition, authors Joseph Sambrook and David Russell have completely updated the book, revising every protocol and adding a mass of new material, to broaden its scope and maintain its unbeatable value for studies in genetics, molecular cell biology, developmental biology, microbiology, neuroscience, and immunology.

Handsomely redesigned and presented in new bindings of proven durability, this three-volume work is essential for everyone using today’s biomolecular techniques.

The opening chapters describe essential techniques, some well-established, some new, that are used every day in the best laboratories for isolating, analyzing and cloning DNA molecules, both large and small.

These are followed by chapters on cDNA cloning and exon trapping, amplification of DNA, generation and use of nucleic acid probes, mutagenesis, and DNA sequencing.

The concluding chapters deal with methods to screen expression libraries, express cloned genes in both prokaryotes and eukaryotic cells, analyze transcripts and proteins, and detect protein-protein interactions.

The Appendix is a compendium of reagents, vectors, media, technical suppliers, kits, electronic resources and other essential information.

As in earlier editions, this is the only manual that explains how to achieve success in cloning and provides a wealth of information about why techniques work, how they were first developed, and how they have evolved.
/ Литература,  #22200  /
Область: Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Биологические методы и инструменты
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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слово molbiol


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лучшее качество кажись у djvu-шек по 10-11 мб

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Molecular Cloning: A Laboratory Manual (Fourth Edition): Three-volume set
Michael R. Green (Author), Joseph Sambrook (Author)
Paperback: 2000 pages
Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press; 4th edition (June 15, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1936113422
ISBN-13: 978-1936113422
Product Dimensions: 11.2 x 9.2 x 4.4 inches

has profoundly affected the way in which biologists of every discipline now practice science.
Exploration of the vast genomic landscape required the development of a great variety of new
experimental techniques and approaches. Inevitably, venerable cloning manuals became outdated and
established methods were rendered obsolete. These events provided the major impetus for a
thorough revision of Molecular Cloning.
In the first stages of Molecular Cloning 4 (MC4), we undertook an extensive review process to
determine what old material should be kept, what new material should be added, and, most difficult of all, what material should be deleted. The names of the many scientists who contributed invaluable advice during the review process are listed on the following acknowledgments page. We are grateful
to them all. It is of course impossible to include in any single laboratory manual all experimental methods
used in molecular biology, and so choices, sometimes tough ones, had to be made. Individuals may
disagree with some of our choices (and we suspect some will). However, our two guiding principles
are as follows. First, Molecular Cloning is a "nucleic acid-centric" laboratory manual, and therefore
in general we have not included methods that do not directly involve DNA or RNA. So, although
MC4 contains a chapter on yeast two-hybrid procedures for analyzing protein-protein interactions,
we did not include the many other approaches for studying protein-protein interactions that do not
directly involve nucleic acids. Second, we have attempted to include as many as possible of those
nucleic acid-based methods that are widely used in molecular and cellular biology laboratories
with the hope in the John Lockean sense that we "do the greatest good for the most people." The
harder task for us was to decide which material to delete. However, our task was made somewhat
easier by the agreement of our publisher, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, to make these older
methods freely available on the Cold Spring Harbor Protocols website (www.cshprotocols.org).
The explosion of new experimental approaches has made it impractical, if not impossible, for
any single person (or even two) to write with authority on all the relevant experimental methods. As a result, a major departure from previous editions of Molecular Cloning was the commissioning of
experts in the field to write specific chapters and to contribute specific protocols. Without the
enthusiastic participation of these scientists, MC4 simply would not exist.
Since the last edition of Molecular Cloning, there has been a relentless and continuing
proliferation of commercial "kits," which is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, kits offer
tremendous convenience, particularly for procedures that are not routinely used in an individual
laboratory. On the other hand, kits can often be too convenient, enabling users to perform
procedures without understanding the underlying principles of the method. Where possible, we have
attempted to deal with this dilemma by providing lists of commercially available kits and also
describing how they work.
There are many people who played essential roles in the production of MC4 and whom we
gratefully acknowledge.
Djvu OCR 600dpi
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На Либгене есть 3-е издание, может пойдёт?


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