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f spring is gentle, summer is warm, and winter is cold, then autumn is a word: cool. Although the beginning of autumn is generally in August, the cool autumn usually starts slowly after the autumn equinox in September Marlboro Cigarettes. In the autumn, the sun slowly returns to the south. The day in the northern hemisphere where my hometown is located is getting shorter and shorter, and the weather is getting cooler day by day. As the saying goes, "White dew falls on autumnal nights and cools all night." Bai Lu and the autumnal equinox are gone, and autumn is even colder. It's cool in autumn. No cold, no autumn. Singer Cao Fang has a song called "Autumn Cool": "I think of it by chance, the poems are full of sky, the leaves are everywhere, keep the distance. Autumn is cool, a century, two worlds. The fragrance of green tea, you have changed. We escape." Summer Then comes autumn. The heat of summer and the coolness of autumn. The vitality of summer and the fall of autumn leaves seem to be as long as a century apart. These are two different worlds. Xu Zhimo wrote in "The Guest", "There is an outdated nightingale in the thick shade, and she has been affected by the autumn cold. It is better to be bright than before." The singing nightingale among the birds has been cooled by autumn, and her voice is not as bright as in spring and summer. The poet Tashi Ramdordo also has a "Cool Autumn" "as in the past, stopped in the clouds for a long time. And a face, suddenly turned red. As in the day, condensed in the water of the river. And a pair of eyes, gradually cold . As in the past years, it was cool in autumn, spread to every street, stopped at every window sill, and entangled every string. But I am no longer the owner of that white skirt. You are not on the embankment. The sad young man who watched the wind. "The cloud and face of the year, the river and eyes of the day, the cool autumn of the past, the dark change of the past, the right and wrong, everything has quietly changed. Model singer Fan Weiqi in the song" One Like Summer and One Like " "Autumn" sings: "It's not very pleasing to you to see for the first time, who knows that the relationship was so close later. We are like summer and one like autumn, but we can always turn winter into spring." Spring, summer, autumn, winter , Four seasons flow. An optimistic person can turn winter into spring, but a pessimistic person can turn spring into winter. Autumn is cold, add clothes. Say goodbye to short sleeves and put on long sleeves; say goodbye to short skirts and shorts and put on long pants Online Cigarettes. Seasons circulate on clothes. In the cool autumn season, the Tang people Yao He once chanted: "Autumn is cool to send off passengers, and night quiet poetry is more." The autumn is cool and the night is quiet. Today, more than a thousand years later, in Qiuliang Carton Of Cigarettes, I feel the life insights of "One Life, One Plant, One Autumn". Life has been cold in autumn, and it is as cold as water.
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