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into my heartstrings, whether my deceased person really left me, my teacher is really not with me, and then take the piano for you, I played so hard, only helpless sigh and loneliness. I was practicing the guzheng hard, and my parents watched it Online Cigarettes. When I was a child, I didn��t taste the sweetness and sweetness of the human world. The short and continuous sound of the piano wandered around the room. The sound of the piano was so vocal, without the slightest feelings, I was so tired, seriously playing, On the one hand, "you should listen to the opinions of life in your future life, the teacher believes that you are cheering." After the senior high school entrance examination, I remembered the words of the teacher before leaving. My heart was a burst of remorse, and I was too proud of myself in the third grade. Therefore, the middle school entrance examination failed, I could only go to other places in high school. I thought I was too sorry for the teacher. Looking at the guzheng that had not been played for a long time, I began to play it. The night was as thick as the thick ink. I can't open it, my fingers gently touch the strings, and the melodious sound of the piano wanders around the room. "You should study hard, don't be too conceited." I remembered the teachings of the old teachers. The piano sound began to tremble, my eyebrows. Beginning to wrinkle into a ball, "You, oh..." The sound of the piano is still swirling in the sky. If you pintain a love for this string, it is the thoughts and regrets of the teacher. The sound of the piano echoed. I pleaded with the piano, but I couldn��t return to the sun. The tears flowed through my cheeks. The sound of the piano finally broke. The screams of the sound disappeared into this dark night. I��m sorry, the teacher is really a song. Is it the end of the crowd? It is autumn, autumn wind, deciduous yellow. Hand stroking the strings, silent memories, if you are still alive, now it should be more than 70 years old, oh, the sound of the piano surrounds, the affection is injected into the piano, remembering the humorous neighbors of the past to help me, The autumn wind is rustling, the leaves are messy, the bleak pieces are everywhere, and the heart is filled with sadness. The sound of the music, "Children, you look at me to change a magic", shocks the whole room, and the sound of the sound is in my heart. The old things are still lingering. "Kid, you give me a good study, don't mess, or your dad can yell at you." The piano trembled. "Oh, it��s been a long time, not so long, hey, Young, old man like me is still waiting to die at home! Boys don��t forget to look at me for the New Year. "Hey mokingusacigarettes.com, now things are wrong. The old man who was humorous in the past has also turned into loess. I look towards the yellow leaves. When I entered the ground and pondered for a moment, I suddenly realized that it was not the end of the song, the end of the song was not scattered, the birth and death cycle was the same fact in the world, only the spiritual state remained in the world, haha. Life is always dying, but this heart is still in the world Newport Cigarettes Coupons, life is just like this, life is a dream, only to see through to be able to live wonderful, let me play a song again, the song is not scattered, because you We will never be ruined in my heart. I am willing to meet you in the thousands of reincarnations in the future.
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