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Davison F., Kaspers B., Schat K.A.
Academic Press (now a part of Elsevier Science); 2008; 496стр.; ISBN: 0123706343

Настоящая книга описывает фундаментальные аспекты иммунологии птиц и уникальные свойства иммунной системы этих животных. Книга представляет собой наиболее полную информацию по иммунитету у птиц к настоящему времени. В книге затрагиваются такие вопросы как: использование белка домашней птицы в диете человека, лечение вируса птичьего гриппа, данные по вакцинации птиц на фермах, а также в этом издании освещены важные практические советы по контролю за птичьими заболеваниями.
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Область: Биология развития и Клеточная биология (иммунология, гистология, нейробиология), Генетика и Селекция
Язык и уровень: Английский
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Rosenberg A.
Springer-Verlag; 1995; 394стр.; ISBN: 0306449749

Abraham Rosenberg assembles the groundbreaking work of preeminent international scientists to provide the most current, state-of-the-art presentation of research in siabiology. This concise volume examines the historical development of the field and reviews current knowledge on the genetic, immunologic, oncologic, neurodevelopmental, pathogenic, and cell regulatory properties of sialic acid. Outstanding features of this work include exhaustive reference material and detailed information tables.
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Область: Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Биомедицина и Разработка лекарств
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: Gautham_Pattabhi_Biophysics_Kluwer2002.jpeg   Оглавление книги
Gautham N., Pattabhi V.
Kluwer Academic Publishers; 2002; 253стр.; ISBN: 0306475200, 1402002181

Biophysics, being an interdisciplinary topic, is of great importance in modern biology. This book addresses the needs of biologists, biochemists, and medical biophysicists for an introduction to the subject. The text is based on a one-semester course offered to graduate students of life sciences, and covers a wide range of topics from quantum mechanics to pre-biotic evolution. To understand the topics, only basic school level mathematics is required. The first chapter introduces and refreshes the reader's knowledge of physics and chemistry. The next chapters cover various physico-chemical techniques used to study biomolecular structures, followed by treatments of spectroscopy, microscopy, diffraction, and computational techniques. X-ray crystallography and NMR are dealt with in greater detail. The latter half of the book covers results obtained from applications of the above techniques. Some of the other topics dealt with are energy pathways, biomechanics, and neuro-biophysics.
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Область: Биофизика, Физика
Язык и уровень: Высшая школа (анг), Специальный (анг)
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Ред. Saykin A.J.
Springer-Verlag; 2009; 10000стр.

Все 3 тома (2007-2009 гг.), 54 статьи

Brain Imaging and Behavior
Editor-in-Chief: Andrew J. Saykin
ISSN: 1931-7557 (print version)
ISSN: 1931-7565 (electronic version)
Journal no. 11682
Springer New York


Brain Imaging and Behavior is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal that publishes clinically relevant research using neuroimaging approaches to enhance our understanding of disorders of higher brain function. The journal is targeted at clinicians and researchers in fields concerned with human brain-behavior relationships, such as neuropsychology, psychiatry, neurology, neurosurgery, rehabilitation, and cognitive neuroscience.

Highlights of Brain Imaging and Behavior include the following:
Includes full-color images
Brings a clinical perspective and behavioral focus to the study of cognitive processes and brain mapping
Encompasses original research, review articles, short communications, news sections, and letters to the editor
Distinguished editorial board of experts across disciplines
THE forum for discussion of discoveries, advances, and controversies in the interface of functional brain imaging and human behavior

Abstracted/Indexed in:
Google Scholar, PsycINFO
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Область: Биология развития и Клеточная биология (иммунология, гистология, нейробиология), Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Биофизика, Анатомия, Психиатрия, Невропатология, Психология, Диагностика, Лабораторные и Инструментальные Исследования, Инженерия, Компьютеры и Программирование для медицины
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
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картинка: Bulletin_of_Mathematical_Biology_v71.jpg   Оглавление книги
Ред. Maini P.K.
Springer-Verlag; 2009; 10000стр.

Все 71 томов (1939-2009 гг.), 3591 статья

Bulletin of Mathematical Biology

Formely “Bulletin of mathematical biophysics” (before 1973, v.35)

A Journal Devoted to Research at the Junction of Computational, Theoretical and Experimental Biology Official Journal of The Society for Mathematical Biology
Editor: P.K. Maini
ISSN: 0092-8240 (print version)
ISSN: 1522-9602 (electronic version)
Journal no. 11538
Springer New York


The Bulletin of Mathematical Biology is devoted to research at the junction of computational, theoretical and experimental biology. Articles offer a combination of theory and experiment, documenting theoretical advances with clear exposition of how they further biological understanding. Its aim is to be of major interest to theorists and experimental biologists alike.

This is the official journal of the Society for Mathematical Biology.

Abstracted/Indexed in:
BIOSIS Previews, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), Current Contents/ Life Sciences, Mathematical Reviews, PubMed/Medline, Science Citation Index, Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch), SCOPUS, Zentralblatt Math
/ Книги,  #336429  /
Область: Классическая биология (ботаника, зоология), Биология развития и Клеточная биология (иммунология, гистология, нейробиология), Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Компьютерное моделирование и Биоинформатика, Биологические методы и инструменты, Биология (другое)
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
Где взять: Другое (книга), Другое (эл. книга)
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Abbas A.K., Lichtman A.H., Pober J.S.
W.B. Saunders (now a part of Elsevier Science) ; 2000; 553стр.; ISBN: 0721682332

The 5th Edition of this comprehensive title continues the tradition of delivering an accessible, engaging, and current introduction to this essential subject. The authors describe the principles of basic and applied immunology in a concise, straightforward manner, while incorporating the most up-to-date information. Over 400 illustrations help readers quickly and easily grasp key concepts. The entire text has been revised and includes new information about the organization of lymphoid organs and the mechanisms of innate immunity.
/ Книги,  #243156  /
Область: Биология развития и Клеточная биология (иммунология, гистология, нейробиология), Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия)
Язык и уровень: Высшая школа (анг)
Где взять: другое
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картинка: Computer_Simulation_of.jpg
Allen M.P., Tildesley D.J.
Oxford University Press; 1989; 408стр.; ISBN: 0198556454

Book Description
A first in its field, this book is both an introduction to computer simulation of liquids for upper level undergraduates and a how-to guide for specialists. The authors discuss the latest simulation techniques of molecular dynamics and the Monte Carlo methods as well as how to avoid common programming pitfalls. Theoretical concepts and practical programming advice are amply reinforced with examples of computer simulation in action and samples of Fortran code. The authors have also included a wide selection of programs and routines on microfiche to aid chemists, physicists, chemical engineers, and computer scientists, as well as graduate and advanced students in chemistry.
/ Книги,  #64134  /
Область: Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия)
Язык и уровень: Английский
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картинка: Cytogenetic_Analysis_for_Radiation_Dose_Assessment_A_Manual.jpg
international atomic energy agency
2001; 127стр.

/ Книги,  #73604  /
Область: Генетика и Селекция, Биофизика, Биология (другое)
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
Где взять: другое
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картинка: Ecohealth_v5.jpg   Оглавление книги
Ред. Wilcox B.A.
Springer-Verlag; 2009; 10000стр.

Все 5 томов журнала (318 статей)

Conservation Medicine: Human Health: Ecosystem Sustainability
Editor-in-Chief: Bruce A. Wilcox
ISSN: 1612-9202 (print version)
ISSN: 1612-9210 (electronic version)
Journal no. 10393
Springer New York


EcoHealth is an international, peer-reviewed journal focusing on issues, research, and integration of knowledge at the interface of ecological and health sciences. It presents high quality research and review articles that communicate new ideas, developments, and programs in this transdisciplinary field. The journal encompasses the diverse knowledge of ecology, health and sustainability whether scientific, medical, local, or traditional. It encourages development and innovation in methods and practice that link ecology and health and facilitate practical and policy application.
EcoHealth profiles research and practices that integrate concepts and theory from the ecological sciences with those from biomedicine and the health sciences to address health and sustainability challenges within diverse settings—ranging from public health practice and human and veterinary medicine, to conservation and ecosystem management, or rural and urban development and planning.
NEW IMPACT FACTOR: 1.492! Now Indexed by PubMed/Medline!
Abstracted/Indexed in:
Biological Abstracts, BIOSIS Previews, Current Contents/ Agriculture, Biology & Environmental Sciences, Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition, Science Citation Index Expanded (SciSearch), Zoological Record
/ Книги,  #331707  /
Область: Классическая биология (ботаника, зоология), Эволюция, Палеонтология, Таксономия, Антропология, Экология и Окружающая среда
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
Где взять: Другое (книга), Было в сети, Другое (эл. книга)
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картинка: Ecosystems_v12.jpg   Оглавление книги
Ред. Turner M.G., Carpenter S.R.
Springer-Verlag; 2009; 10000стр.

Все 12 томов (1998-2009 гг.), 815 статей

Editors-in-Chief: M.G. Turner; S.R. Carpenter
ISSN: 1432-9840 (print version)
ISSN: 1435-0629 (electronic version)
Journal no. 10021
Springer New York

The study and management of ecosystems represents the most dynamic field of contemporary ecology. Ecosystem research bridges fundamental ecology, environmental ecology and environmental problem-solving.

The scope of ecosystem science extends from bounded systems such as watersheds to spatially complex landscapes, to the Earth itself, and crosses temporal scales from seconds to millennia. Ecosystem science has strong links to other disciplines including landscape ecology, global ecology, biogeochemistry, aquatic ecology, soil science, hydrology, ecological economics and conservation biology. Studies of ecosystems employ diverse approaches, including theory and modeling, long-term investigations, comparative research and large experiments.

The journal Ecosystems features a distinguished team of editors-in-chief and an outstanding international editorial board, and is recognized worldwide as a home for significant research, editorials, mini-reviews and special features.

Impact Factor: 2.684 (2007)
Section "Ecology": Rank 33 of 116
/ Книги,  #332521  /
Область: Классическая биология (ботаника, зоология), Экология и Окружающая среда
Язык и уровень: Специальный (рус), Специальный (анг)
Где взять: Другое (книга), Другое (эл. книга)
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картинка: Geosciences_Journal.jpg   Оглавление книги
Ред. Baag C.
Springer-Verlag; 2008; 10000стр.

Все 12 томов (1997-2008), 410 статей.

Editor-in-Chief: Chang-Eob Baag
ISSN: 1226-4806 (print version)
ISSN: 1598-7477 (electronic version)
Journal no. 12303
The Geological Society of Korea

Geosciences Journal, founded in 1997, is an international journal which publishes geoscientific research articles in English. This journal is published quarterly by the Association of Korean Geoscience Societies which is established jointly by The Geological Society of Korea, Korea Society of Economic and Environmental Geology, The Korean Earth Science Society, The Paleontological Society of Korea, The Mineralogical Society of Korea, Korean Society of Engineering Geology, The Korean Society of Petroleum Geology, Korean Society of Soil and Groundwater Environment, The Petrological Society of Korea and Korea Geophysical Society. Geosciences Journal is co-published with Springer from 2008
Abstracted/Indexed in:
GeoRef, Referativnyi Zhurnal, Science Citation Index, SCOPUS, Zoological Record
Copublisher/ Distribution Rights
Co-published with the Association of Korean Geoscience Societies
/ Книги,  #332181  /
Область: Экология и Окружающая среда
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
Где взять: Другое (книга), Другое (эл. книга)
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картинка: Handbook_of_Chalcogen_Chemistry.jpg
Ред. Devillanova F.A.
Royal Society of Chemistry; 2006; 908стр.; ISBN: 0854043667

Веб-адрес: http://www.rsc.org/Publishing/Books/0854043667.asp

Благодаря Ви!
/ Книги,  #166914  /
Область: другое
Язык и уровень: Английский
Где взять: другое
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The Handbook of stem cells 2013.rar (49.9 MB)
/ Книги,  #526438  /
Область: другое
Язык и уровень: другое
Где взять: другое
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картинка: Interactive_Atlas_of_Human_Anatomy_3_0_Netter_Basic_Science_Series.jpg   Оглавление книги
Netter F.H.

Book Description

This robust, interactive atlas includes hundreds of Netter illustrations and images, as well as audio pronunciations for every label, image title and image subtitle see it, say it, learn it! Great for initial learning, study, and exam review! Netter's Interactive Atlas of Human Anatomy, v3.0 provides the depth, accuracy and detail required to create powerful and effective classroom presentations! Also available for institutional license.Add comments on the flyZoom in for closer lookPrint images in grayscale or colorTurn off labels for quick, visual reviews
/ Книги,  #108534  /
Область: другое
Язык и уровень: другое
Где взять: другое
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картинка: Journal_of_Molecular_Evolution_v68.jpg   Оглавление книги
Ред. Kreitman M.
Springer-Verlag; 2009; 10000стр.

Все 68 томов (1972-2009 гг.), 4124 статьи!

Journal of Molecular Evolution

Journal of Molecular Evolution
Editor-in-Chief: Martin Kreitman
ISSN: 0022-2844 (print version)
ISSN: 1432-1432 (electronic version)
Springer New York


Journal of Molecular Evolution covers experimental and theoretical work aimed at deciphering features of molecular evolution and the processes bearing on these features, from the initial formation of macromolecular systems onward. Topics addressed include the evolution of informational macromolecules and their relation to more complex levels of biological organization, up to populations and taxa. This coverage accommodates such subfields as comparative structural and functional genomics, population genetics, the molecular evolution of development, the evolution of gene regulation and gene interaction networks, and in vitro evolution of DNA and RNA.
/ Книги,  #331621  /
Область: Микробиология (бактериология, вирусология, микология), Биология развития и Клеточная биология (иммунология, гистология, нейробиология), Генетика и Селекция, Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Физиология (растений и животных), Компьютерное моделирование и Биоинформатика, Биологические методы и инструменты
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
Где взять: Другое (книга), Эл. версия на сайте издательства, Было в сети
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Ред. Byrne J.H.
Academic Press (now a part of Elsevier Science); 2008; 3200стр.; ISBN: 0123705045


Editorial Reviews
".this rich and rewarding reference work will serve as a superb framework for the decades ahead, a reference that will provide both the student and the working scientist with the intellectual background necessary to understand and function effectively in the study of learning and memory."-From the Foreword by Eric R. Kandel, M.D.

Book Description
The most comprehensive and authoritative resource available on the topic of learning and memory and its mechanisms.

Product Description
The study of Learning and Memory is a central topic in Neuroscience and Psychology. It is also a very good example of a field that has come into maturity on all levels - in the protein chemistry and molecular biology of the cellular events underlying learning and memory, the properties and functions of neuronal networks, the psychology and behavioural neuroscience of learning and memory. Many of the basic research findings are directly applicable in the treatment of diseases and aging phenomena, and have found their way into educational theory and praxis.

Learning and Memory - A comprehensive reference is the most comprehensive source of information about learning and memory ever assembled, and the definitive reference work on the topic. In four volumes, Editor-in-Chief John H. Byrne (University of Texas), together with volume editors Howard Eichenbaum (Boston University) for Systems and Neuroscience, Randolf Menzel (Freie Universität Berlin) for Behavioral Approaches, Henry Roediger (Washington University) for Cognitive Psychology, and David Sweatt (University of Alabama, Birmingham) for Molecular Mechanisms, have put together a truly authoritative collection of overview articles in 159 chapters on over 3000 pages. Learning and Memory - A Comprehensive Reference presents an extensive, integrated summary of the present state of research in the neurobiology and psychology of learning and memory and covers an enormous range of intellectual territory. With topics ranging from the neurochemistry and neurobiology of learning at the cellular and synaptic levels, systems neurobiology, the study of remarkable capabilities in animals (such as homing), ethological and behavioristic analyses, mechanisms, psychology, and disorders of learning and memory in humans, the work broadly covers all topics in the neurobiology and psychology of learning and memory. There is no other handbook with such a comprehensive coverage and depth. The authors selected are the leading scholars for the particular topics on which they write.

* The most comprehensive and authoritative resource available on the topic of learning and memory and its mechanisms
* Representing outstanding scholarship, each chapter is written by a leader in the field and an expert in the topic area
* Relevant and useful for newcomers and advanced researchers alike
* All topics represent the most up to date research
* A must have set for all medical, neuroscience and psychology libraries, and of great value to neighbouring disciplines, including education
* Selected chapters from the on-line version can be used to great effect in teaching
* Full color throughout, hundreds of illustrations, four volumes, 159 chapters, 3000 pages
* Available in print and on-line

user posted image
/ Книги,  #319490  /
Область: Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Физиология (растений и животных), Этология, Психология, Психиатрия, Невропатология, Психология
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
Где взять: Другое (книга), Личная эл. библиотека
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картинка: Hollas_Modern_Spectroscopy_ed4_.jpeg   Оглавление книги
Hollas J.M.
John Wiley & Sons; 2003; 480стр.; ISBN: 0470844167

The latest edition of this highly acclaimed title introduces the reader to a wide range of spectroscopies, and includes both the background theory and applications to structure determination and chemical analysis. It covers rotational, vibrational, electronic, photoelectron and Auger spectroscopy, as well as EXAFs and the theory of lasers and laser spectroscopy.
A revised and updated edition of a successful, clearly written book
Includes the latest developments in modern laser techniques, such as cavity ring-down spectroscopy and femtosecond lasers
Provides numerous worked examples, calculations and questions at the end of chapters
/ Литература,  #19183  /
Область: Биофизика, Биологические методы и инструменты, Аналитическая химия, Физическая химия, Физика
Язык и уровень: Высшая школа (анг), Специальный (анг)
Где взять: Другое (книга)
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картинка: Monte_Carlo_and_Molecular_Dynamics.jpg
Oxford University Press; 1995; 608стр.; ISBN: 0195094387

Book Description
Written by leading experts from around the world, Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Polymer Science comprehensively reviews the latest simulation techniques for macromolecular materials. Focusing in particular on numerous new techniques, the book offers authoritative introductions to solutions of neutral polymers and polyelectrolytes; dynamics of polymer melts, rubbers and gels, and glassy materials; thermodynamics of polymer mixing and mesophase formation, and polymers confined at interfaces and grafted to walls. Throughout, contributors offer practical advice on how to overcome the unique challenges posed by the large size and slow relaxation of polymer coils. Students and researchers in polymer chemistry, polymer physics, chemical engineering, and materials and computational science will all benefit from the cogent, step-by-step introductions contained in this important new book.

Book Info
Emphasis is on polymer physics rather than polymer chemistry. Discusses deliberately methodical aspects of Monte Carlo and molecular dynamics simulations and describes the role of model building. DLC: Polymers - Computer simulation.
/ Книги,  #64132  /
Область: Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия)
Язык и уровень: Английский
Где взять: Книжный магазин, Личная библиотека, Другое (книга), Было в сети, Личная эл. библиотека, Другое (эл. книга)
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картинка: Anatomy_and_Physiology_6th_edition_ed6.jpg   Оглавление книги
Seeley R., Stephens D., Tate P.
McGraw-Hill Professional; 2003; 1210стр.; ISBN: 0072932201

хорошее качество

Book Description

Anatomy and Physiology 6th edition was designed to help students develop a solid, basic understanding of anatomy and physiology without an encyclopedic presentation of detail. Great care has been taken to select important concepts and to carefully describe the anatomy of cells, organs, and organ systems. The basic recipe that has been followed for six editions of this text is to combine clear and accurate descriptions of anatomy with precise explanations of how structures function and examples of how they work together to maintain life. To emphasize the concepts of anatomy and physiology, the authors provide explanations of how the systems respond to aging, changes in physical activity, and disease, with a special focus on homeostasis and the regulatory mechanisms that maintain it. Timely and interesting examples demonstrate the application of knowledge in a clinical context.

Book Info

Idaho State Univ. Textbook, for allied health students, covers organization of the human body, support, and movement, integration and control systems, regulations and maintenance, and reproduction and development. Access to online resources are included. Full-color illustrations, photographs, and tables are included. Previous edition: c2000. DNLM: Physiology.
--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

See all Editorial Reviews

/ Книги,  #161898  /
Область: Анатомия
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
Где взять: Другое (книга), Было в сети, Другое (эл. книга)
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Becker P.E.
Thieme Medical Publishers; 1977; 181стр.; ISBN: 3132248010

Наверно нет в электронной форме.

Буду очень признателен за книгу в любом варианте!
Информацию о книги нашел только тут.
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Область: Генетика и Селекция, Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Психиатрия, Невропатология, Психология, Английский
Язык и уровень: Специальный (анг)
Где взять: Личная библиотека, Другое (книга), Другое (эл. книга)
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