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A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology, Third Edition
Knisely, Karin

/ Книги,  #533257  /
Область: другое
Язык и уровень: другое
Где взять: Электронная версия
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картинка: Abraham_Lincoln_s_DNA_and_Other_Adventures_in_Genetics.gif   Оглавление книги
Reilly P.R.
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press; 2000; 339стр.; ISBN: 0879695803

Twenty-four true, wide-ranging tales of crime, history, human behavior, illness, and ethics, told from the personal perspective of the author, an eminent physician-lawyer who uses the stories to illustrate the principles of human genetics and to discuss the broader issues.
/ Литература,  #19226  /
Область: Генетика и Селекция, Нехирургическая Патология (Внутренние Болезни)
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг)
Где взять: Было в сети
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картинка: Amazing_Numbers_in_Biology.jpg   Оглавление книги
Flindt R.
Springer-Verlag; 2006; 296стр.; ISBN: 3540301461

This is the translation of the 6th German Edition of “Biologie in Zahlen” © 2003 Elsevier GmbH, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, Heidelberg (ISBN 3-8274-1171-8). Translated by Neil Solomon.


"This quirky reference book is full of fascinating and obscure lists and facts from the natural world. ... This book will become ragged with use. ... A labour of love and listing, Amazing Numbers is better than googling, because it has a sensible index and you donґt have to wade through a whole load of irrelevance to get to what you want. Itґs also logically divided ..., and, just in case you ever want to check, all the facts are referenced. A warning though – this addictive book will keep you absorbing odd little facts: dimensions of a bread mouldґs mitochondria anyone?" (BBC Wildlife)  "... a giant squid's eyeball is nearly half a metre in diameter. You may also be unaware that the oldest crow reportedly lived to 118; ... that midges beat their wings more than 1000 times a second; ... and that the fruit of the tropical liana catapults its seeds 15 metres. We don't often recommend books consisting entirely of statistics, but this one has a treat on every page." (New Scientist) "Almost 300 pages of nothing than tables of biological data might not sound like an ideal bedtime read, and every person I have shown it to has initially exclaimed "What an incredibly boring book!" But 30 minutes later, every single one of them was still standing rooted to the spot, flicking the pages while I tried to prise it back off them. Want to know the inactivation temperature of Avian Flu virus? ... Itґs all here. There are no frills at all – no pictures, ... , no jokes, no clever anecdotes. Itґs just table after table. This is obviously like crack cocaine to the trivia-minded, but itґs a genuinely useful reference tool as well. ... nicely backed up with two indices ..." (Luis Villazon, BBC Focus Magazin)
/ Книги,  #150841  /
Область: Классическая биология (ботаника, зоология), Микробиология (бактериология, вирусология, микология), Биофизика, Физиология (растений и животных), Экология и Окружающая среда
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг), Словари, справочники, энциклопедии (анг)
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картинка: An_Introduction_To_Molecular_Ecology_ed2.jpg
Beebee T., Rowe G.
Oxford University Press; 2008; 384стр.; ISBN: 0199292051

Ан Интродуцтион То Молецулар Ецологы
Аутхор: Тревор Беебее, Грахам Роще,
Публишер: Охфорд Университы Пресс, УСА
Кейщордс: ецологы, молецулар, интродуцтион
Пагес: 384
Публишед: 2008-01-10
Лангуаге: Енглиш
ИСБН-10: 0199292051 ИСБН-13: 9780199292059
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/ Книги,  #516837  /
Область: Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Экология и Окружающая среда
Язык и уровень: Английский
Где взять: Электронная версия
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картинка: Animal_Biotechnology_Science-based_Concerns.jpg   Оглавление книги
Ред. Davis D.
National Academies Press; 2002; 201стр.; ISBN: 0309084393

Genetic-based animal biotechnology has produced new food and pharmaceutical products and promises many more advances to benefit humankind. These exciting prospects are accompanied by considerable unease, however, about matters such as safety and ethics. This book identifies science-based and policy-related concerns about animal biotechnology—key issues that must be resolved before the new breakthroughs can reach their potential.

The book includes a short history of the field and provides understandable definitions of terms like cloning. Looking at technologies on the near horizon, the authors discuss what we know and what we fear about their effects—the inadvertent release of dangerous microorganisms, the safety of products derived from biotechnology, the impact of genetically engineered animals on their environment. In addition to these concerns, the book explores animal welfare concerns, and our societal and institutional capacity to manage and regulate the technology and its products. This accessible volume will be important to everyone interested in the implications of the use of animal biotechnology.
/ Литература,  #19269  /
Область: Пищевая промышленность и Диетология, Биотехнология, Фармацевтическая промышленность
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг), Высшая школа (анг)
Где взять: Было в сети
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картинка: Animal_Diversity_ed3.gif   Оглавление книги
Hickman C.P., Roberts L.S., Larson A.
McGraw-Hill Professional; 2002; 464стр.; ISBN: 0072349034

The third edition of Animal Diversity presents a survey of the animal kingdom with emphasis on diversity, evolutionary relationships, functional adaptations, and environmental interactions. It is tailored for a one-semester or one-quarter course and is appropriate for both non-science and science majors.
/ Литература,  #23254  /
Область: Классическая биология (ботаника, зоология)
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг), Школьный (анг), Высшая школа (анг)
Где взять: Было в сети
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Davison F., Kaspers B., Schat K.A.
Academic Press (now a part of Elsevier Science); 2008; 496стр.; ISBN: 0123706343

Настоящая книга описывает фундаментальные аспекты иммунологии птиц и уникальные свойства иммунной системы этих животных. Книга представляет собой наиболее полную информацию по иммунитету у птиц к настоящему времени. В книге затрагиваются такие вопросы как: использование белка домашней птицы в диете человека, лечение вируса птичьего гриппа, данные по вакцинации птиц на фермах, а также в этом издании освещены важные практические советы по контролю за птичьими заболеваниями.
/ Книги,  #288941  /
Область: Биология развития и Клеточная биология (иммунология, гистология, нейробиология), Генетика и Селекция
Язык и уровень: Английский
Где взять: Другое (книга), Эл. версия на сайте издательства
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   Оглавление книги   Оглавление книги
Claverie J., Notredame C.
John Wiley & Sons; 2007; 436стр.; ISBN: 0470089857

PDF, хорошего качества, ч/б<br />комментарии - http://books.google.ru/books?id=4Tw0aZBnBLEC

Очень неплохая книга для студентов/аспирантов, которые хотят быстро познакомиться с биоинформатикой и пользоваться интернет-сервисами анализа сиквенсов, PubMed, Blast, Genebank, swiss-prot, multiple alingment, secondary structure prediction, RNA structure prediction и т.д.
На меня произвела очень хорошее впечатление!
Подробности о книге - http://books.google.ru/books?id=4Tw0aZBnBLEC
/ Книги,  #317756  /
Область: Компьютерное моделирование и Биоинформатика
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг)
Где взять: Книжный магазин, Было в сети
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Архив книг из библиотеки http://molbiol.ru/review/05_01.html
на букву D:
BioLibrary-D.rar 368.11 MB

на букву C1:
BioLibrary-C1.rar 1.40 GB

на букву B:
BioLibrary-B.rar 716.54 MB

мож кому удобней так грузить будет.

Список книг в архивах можно посмотреть под соотвествующими буквами на http://molbiol.ru/review/05_01.html

только на букву "С" книги с начала до "Current Protocols in Toxicology Ed. Mahin D. Maines (Editor-in-Chief), Lucio G. Costa, Ernest Hodgson, Donald J. Reed, I. Glenn Sipes, Shigeru Sassa, Per Alm, Karl-Eric Andersson, Christopher Bradfield, Kim Boekelheide, Robert R. Chapin, Kathleen S. Morgan; 2003"
/ Книги,  #330927  /
Область: Биология
Язык и уровень: Английский
Где взять: Другое (эл. книга)
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Stong C.L.
SIMON AND SCHUSTER; 1960; 605стр.

Both simple and ambitious projects and investigations in biology, optics, archaeology, nuclear physics, mathematics, and more. Needs Acrobat Viewer 6 or newer.
/ Книги,  #136044  /
Область: Биология (другое), Научные исследования (другое)
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг)
Где взять: Было в сети
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картинка: Cells_Gels_and_the_Engines_of_Life.jpg
Pollack G.H.
Ebner & Sons, Seattle, WA, USA; 2001; 305стр.

в текущий момент можно взять по ссылке http://retriever-storage.msk.ru/books/cells-gels.rar около 50 Мб, pdf

“An eloquent and accessible statement of a heresy that has smoldered at the fringe of orthodox biology for about 30 years” Science 293: 5530, 2001. [Thomas Stossel, Harvard]
“A 305 page preface to the future of cell biology” Cell 688-689, 2002. [Don Ingber, Harvard]
“As interesting as any nonfiction book on the NY Times bestseller list” Pharm. Res. 18: 1804-1805. [Kinam Park, Purdue]
“I was completely sucked in upon reading the first page. This is such great stuff. I found myself 'making time' to read it.” [Erwin Vogler, Penn State University].
more reviews
Visionary, provocative work of a distinguished author…reads like a detective story…

Site: http://www.cellsandgels.com/
/ Книги,  #94294  /
Область: Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Биофизика, Физическая химия
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг)
Где взять: Было в сети, Личная эл. библиотека
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картинка: Computer_Simulation_of.jpg
Allen M.P., Tildesley D.J.
Oxford University Press; 1989; 408стр.; ISBN: 0198556454

Book Description
A first in its field, this book is both an introduction to computer simulation of liquids for upper level undergraduates and a how-to guide for specialists. The authors discuss the latest simulation techniques of molecular dynamics and the Monte Carlo methods as well as how to avoid common programming pitfalls. Theoretical concepts and practical programming advice are amply reinforced with examples of computer simulation in action and samples of Fortran code. The authors have also included a wide selection of programs and routines on microfiche to aid chemists, physicists, chemical engineers, and computer scientists, as well as graduate and advanced students in chemistry.
/ Книги,  #64134  /
Область: Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия)
Язык и уровень: Английский
Где взять: Книжный магазин, Личная библиотека, Другое (книга), Было в сети, Личная эл. библиотека, Другое (эл. книга)
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картинка: Countdown_to_Spanish_Learn_to_Communicate_in_24_Hours.jpg   Оглавление книги
Stein G.
McGraw-Hill Professional; 2003; 288стр.; ISBN: 0071414231

Book Description
Master Spanish in just one day[/b] When time is of the essence, trust Countdown to Spanish to help readers master the language quickly and effectively. Organized into 24 units--each of which is designed to take no more than one hour to study--this self-instruction book presents material in a "countdown" fashion, from Hour 24 all the way down to 0, allowing learners to gauge their progress along the way. Beginning with a basic introduction of grammar and vocabulary fundamentals, the units move quickly to practical conversational skills for both vacation and business travelers. Upon completion of the guide--the equivalent of just one day--readers eager to apply their newly honed language skills will be able to communicate in a variety of everyday, real-world situations.

From the Back Cover
Converse in Spanish like a native speaker in only 24 hours[/b] So you're leaving for Spain or Latin America in a few days and you don't speak a word of the language? What will you do if you get lost in Seville and have to ask for directions? Or you're in the mood for paella and want to make a restaurant reservation? Or you fall ill in Buenos Aires and need to see a doctor? Believe it or not, it isn't too late! With Countdown to Spanish, in just 24 hours you'll learn to speak like a native in all sorts of everyday situations. This unique and efficient countdown self-instruction is organized into 24 units, each designed to take no more than one hour to study. Beginning with an introduction to basic pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, the units advance quickly to practical conversational skills for both vacation and business travelers. By the time you count down to 00:00 hours, you'll know how to: Sound like a native, from syllable stress to vowels sounds Recognize and properly use nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs Ask and answer all types of important questions Get help anywhere, from the auto shop to the post office to the dry cleaner's Cope with travel needs at the airport, train station, or hotel Conduct business effectively Neither a daunting textbook nor a flimsy phrase book, this unique language system combines grammar and vocabulary instruction into manageable, highly effective 60-minute lessons. Once you've completed the lessons, you'll be ready try out your newly honed skills on the beaches of Cancún. You'll be amazed at what a difference a day makes!
/ Литература,  #29897  /
Область: Другие иностранные языки
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг), Другие языки
Где взять: Было в сети
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Russell, Cohn
2012; 107стр.; ISBN: 9785513731

Дорогие коллеги! Помогите, пожалуйста, получить электронную версию книги "CTLA-4"!
В этой книге описывается данный рецептор, его функция и роль. Для научной работы необходимо ознакомиться с содержанием данного труда.
Заранее, Спасибо!
/ Книги,  #565303  /
Область: Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия)
Язык и уровень: Русский, Английский
Где взять: Электронная версия
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картинка: Current_Critical_Care_Diagnosis_Treatment_ed2.gif   Оглавление книги
Bongard F.S., Sue D.Y.
McGraw-Hill Professional; 2002; 960стр.; ISBN: 0838514545

Equips practitioners and residents with coverage of the salient elements of diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients. The Second Edition features new material on acute respiratory distress syndrome, nutrition, prevention of bleeding, respiratory failure, fluid & electrolyte disorders, critical care monitoring, and imaging procedures.
/ Литература,  #19957  /
Область: Лечение, Болезни (без Онко-, Кардио-логии и Психиатрии)
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг), Словари, справочники, энциклопедии (анг)
Где взять: Было в сети
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картинка: Discover_Biology_ed2.gif   Оглавление книги
Cain M., Damman H., Lue R., Yoon C.
W.W. Norton & Company; 2002; 750стр.; ISBN: 0393940551

Thoroughly revised and updated, Discover Biology, Second Edition, presents the essential concepts of modern biology in a text designed specifically for nonmajors. The authors emphasize a level of detail appropriate for nonmajors, freeing instructors to focus on the scientific issues–HIV, global climate change, DNA fingerprinting, genetic engineering, cancer–that students read about in the paper, vote on in elections, and face in their daily lives. With two new chapters, refined pedagogy and art programs, and a powerful ancillary package, Discover Biology, Second Edition, is the best choice for the nonmajors, introductory course.
/ Литература,  #20070  /
Область: Биология развития и Клеточная биология (иммунология, гистология, нейробиология), Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия), Биомедицина и Разработка лекарств, Экология и Окружающая среда
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг), Школьный (анг)
Где взять: Было в сети
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картинка: Ecology_and_Behaviour_of_Mesozoic_Reptiles.jpg   Оглавление книги
Cloudsley-thompson J.L.
Springer-Verlag; 2005; 219стр.; ISBN: 3540224211

With 129 Figures and 4 Tables

Book Description

Our knowledge of extinct animals depends almost entirely upon the study of fossils. This richly illustrated book clothes the skeletons of dinosaurs and other Mesozoic reptiles with flesh, and shows how these fascinating animals evolved and probably lived. Expert author John L. Cloudsley-Thompson provides an interesting synthesis of current views on their ecology, physiology and behaviour, and outlines the various hypotheses that have been proposed to explain their extinction. Numerous beautiful drawings of the animals and their environment illustrate this exciting monograph.
/ Книги,  #155382  /
Область: Классическая биология (ботаника, зоология), Эволюция, Палеонтология, Таксономия, Антропология, Экология и Окружающая среда
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг)
Где взять: Было в сети
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Creighton T.E.
John Wiley & Sons; 1999; 4899стр.; ISBN: 0471153028

Том с 1 по 4, а не 14 (в нужном месте не получаеться указать)

Book Description
The field of molecular biology has revolutionized the study of biology. The applications to medicine are enormous, ranging from diagnostic techniques for disease and genetic disorders, to drugs, to gene therapy. Focusing on the fundamentals of molecular biology and encompassing all aspects of the expression of genetic information, the Encyclopedia of Molecular Biology will become the first point of reference for both newcomers and established professionals in molecular biology needing to learn about any particular aspect of the field.
/ Книги,  #179233  /
Область: Молекулярная биология (биохимия, генная инженерия)
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг), Специальный (анг)
Где взять: Было в сети
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картинка: Equations_of_State_and_PVT_Analysis.gif
2007; 628стр.; ISBN: 9781933762

Here is the first and only comprehensive guide that shows how to use equations of state (EOS) and pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) analysis to model and evaluate hydrocarbon reservoirs. This book describes the powerful, cutting-edge technology of applying EOS to solve modeling problems that require a description of the PVT of hydrocarbon systems from their compositions.

Equations of State and PVT Analysis covers a wide range of topics related to the PVT behavior of complex hydrocarbon systems, including:

Fundamentals of hydrocarbons phase behavior
Characterizing hydrocarbon-plus fractions
Natural gas properties
PVT properties of crude oils
Flow assurance
Reservoir modeling has become very complex. This book reflects the dramatic evolution of computational capabilities that allow petroleum engineers to use sophisticated EOS models to study such phenomena as the development of miscibility during gas injection, compositional gradient as a function of depth and the behavior of near-critical hydrocarbon systems. Equations of State and PVT Analysis is a vital, working asset in any petroleum engineer's library, because it shows how to generate more accurate reservoir models that maximize oil production, enhance recovery and produce a better bottom line.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 628
ISBN: 978-1-933762-03-6
Publisher: Gulf Publishing Company
Year Published: 2007
Item Number: 100-1827
/ Книги,  #267307  /
Область: Научные исследования (другое)
Язык и уровень: Английский
Где взять: Электронная версия
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картинка: Exploring_the_Cell.jpg   Оглавление книги
Solomon F., Bloodgood R., Blystone R., Broschat K., Brugge J., Elgin S., Gavis E., Lander A., Mcintosh J.R., Oliver C., Silveira L., Silverstein S., Sloboda R., Watters C.
American Society for Cell Biology; 2003; 24стр.

What cells do, and how cell biologists study them.
/ Литература,  #20122  /
Область: Биология развития и Клеточная биология (иммунология, гистология, нейробиология)
Язык и уровень: Популярный (анг)
Где взять: Было в сети
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