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My reading started in the early seventies. The first thing I look at is the "little book". Now I can remember the title of "Watching Weihushan", "Shajiabang" and "A Secret Place". The first two famous, big, remember is not difficult, the latter one is a bit of a story. I was 9 years old that year, I have a few small books, and I am also a "secret place" for me to earn money for 9 cents. I bought it in the county bookstore and took it in my hand. I watched it on the street and looked at it. I was fascinated by it. I was snatched away by a young man wearing a grass-green military uniform and riding a bicycle. Looking at the back of the young man, I have no choice but to be angry. I know that I still have 8 cents. I am ready to buy a cube of sugar to eat on the way home. I changed my mind in anger. When I returned to the bookstore, I happened to meet the salesperson who was far away from me. "Cold beauty" - It is said that this girl is the future daughter-in-law of the county magistrate. The skin is white, beautiful, and dressed up. It is definitely one of the best in the small world of the county Marlboro Cigarettes. But the arrogant like a cock, the work attitude is extremely cold. I usually would avoid it, but that day, my rural child had the courage to call "Cold Beauty" sister, and I could buy 9 cents from 8 yuan in the hands of "Cold Beauty". Now I want to come and feel Unbelievable. But that is a passion show, a miracle but not a normal one. In short, the impression of the villain is not deep. To say that I am deeply impressed, I have to start from my junior high school. I am two years old, my junior high school in 1975. During the Cultural Revolution, it was difficult to find other readings except for the big critical articles on the newspaper and the four volumes of the family. I don't understand the four volumes of Mao Xuan. The big critical article is not a literary work. The children will not be interested. Fortunately, my sister can borrow some free books from my classmates, so that I can experience the pleasure of reading earlier. Impression is the publication before the Cultural Revolution. Due to the dampness of the dwellings in the house, and the poor storage, the book has been yellow for a long time, and it has opened a strong musty smell, recording or marking the red, blue or black ink Marlboro Gold. The cloud that has been smashed like the sky, despite some, I still can't put it down. Those articles read another style, very intimate, very attractive, and the kind of mournful style makes the characters vivid. You will grow up with the protagonist with the development of the storyline. It will not be forgotten after reading for a long time. This is what is said to reach people's hearts. The articles that can still be remembered include "Meng Jiangnv Cry Great Wall", "The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl", Lu Xun's "Good Story", Qu Qiubai's "A Cloud" and the selection of the opera "Honghu Red Guard". Except for "Good Story", others were "poisonous grass" at the time to say the deepest impression or "good story." The article was read under the banyan tree in front of the house. - It was a sunny day in the summer. The sun passed through the dense branches of the twigs. Under the breeze, the trees reflected the mottled drifts of light and shadow. The cool breeze was comfortable and comfortable. "I closed my eyes and leaned back... I saw a good story in the hustle and bustle...", after reading this, I was deeply intoxicated by the author's artistic conception, as if looking at the water with the author. The beauty of the transformation, together with the author to feel the disillusionment of the shadow, the incomprehensible complex emotions, people's emotions are difficult to calm for a long time. This is the power of good literary and artistic works to stimulate people's hearts. It is more than other students. The sense of language will be better. The materials used are also richer. When writing, they will use them. Because of the appropriate use, they are often praised by teachers. So that the interest in reading is more intense. In 1977, I went to junior high school. It is said that due to the fifth volume of printing, the paper is very tight. At that time, the school generally used horse dung paper, the color is red, yellow, green, with a pungent smell, which makes me dizzy. But what about it? Textbooks are still printed on horse dung paper after school stereotypes! The homework is also horse dung paper, and the pen will be smashed into a ball, and only a ballpoint pen or pencil can be used. However, the content of the textbook is good. I read Yang Lan's "Litchi Honey", excerpted from Zhou Libo's "Flying Horse" in "The Storm", and "Liang Shengbao Buying Rice Seeds" from Liu Qing's "History of Entrepreneurship". In particular, "Litchi Honey" was stunned by himself, and almost fell from the tree, resulting in a burst of laughter. The description of the psychological activities of "Liang Shengbao buys rice seeds" seems vivid and smooth. I want to forget and read some of the composition selections before the Cultural Revolution. The effect of subtle influence is certain, but it can be a big deal but it is unexpected. of. Before the entrance exam, I was in the middle of the class rankings. After I was engaged in the results, I was almost doomed to return to the countryside. Fortunately, before the exam, I read the composition of my sister��s work from a teacher��s house. One of them was an article that expanded Du Fu��s ��Shi Jie��. This first five-word ancient poem 120 words, the author through the description of the scene, psychological description, reasonable imagination, expanded to 600-800 words, the story is very vivid, this style we have never practiced, let me read it, I I read the article at least three times, and it was almost impossible to carry it back. At the time of the exam, the essay topic was just to expand "Shijie". When other students were still puzzled by this style, I was already immersed in the artistic conception of memory: lazy sun, listless leaves, face-to-face The words of screaming, white-haired mother-in-law, roaring, crying, etc. have rushed to the pen end, and after several minutes of handing over, other students gradually came out. This exam not only made my language scores the first place in the class, but also scored the top four in the class. I successfully passed the first middle school in the county and laid a foundation for a few years later. Good foundation. Most of the students have since bid farewell to the campus and embarked on the journey of professional peasants - how big the impact of this incident is Newport Cigarettes, it is really difficult to evaluate, because history has no assumptions - maybe it can be said: luck is not the ability, but luck is ready People's. In my body, this is true.
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