In the era of Plant Genomics the amount of DNA information of crops has increased enormously. As a consequence, more effective and reliable phenotyping data has become the bottleneck for modern genetic crop improvement. Therefore Plant Phenotyping has become a major field of research in plant breeding.

In order to meet the challenges of this very new and promising field of research new technologies such as greenhouse automation and plant imaging systems are needed.

The PhenoDays 2011 International Symposium exactly addresses the Phenotyping bottleneck by providing stimulating talks from internationally renowned keynote speakers from the seed industry, breeding institutes and academic breeding groups working in the Plant Phenotyping research area.

This will surely be a great opportunity for the researchers from all over the world to meet and exchange their ideas, approaches and results in Plant Phenotyping research.

Besides the interesting scientific presentations the PhenoDays will also offer the opportunity to participate in practical workshops at one of the biggest Plant Phenotyping Research Facilities in Europe: The PhenoFab in Wageningen only 10 min. from the conference venue Hof van Wageningen.