DNA shearing

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NB! pre-PCR operation

 UTR200Covaris S2Sonifier W-450DHydroshearNebulizer
shearing forceultrasound[1]hydrodynamic[2]
effective for DNA fragments>0.3kb>1kb
fragment size [kb]0.1-1.51.5-80.2-1.5
digestion time~2h per 6 samples~20 min~30 min~20 min~20 min
contamination sensitivityclosed tubewash between usesingle use
pricevery low~6€very low~20€

  1. Ultrasound digestion
    • we practically do not use Sonifier W-450D, because it is:
    » more sensitive to contamination
    » required more time and efforts.
    • shearing on Covaris is more reproducable, then on "UTR200 / Hielscher". In later case some samples remain underedigested for unknown reason (normally, everything fine after repeat of digestion).
    • detergents (SDS) suppress shearing.
    • do not influence digestion:
    » glycerol up to 50%
    » betaine up to 3M
    » 2µm glass beads
  2. Hydrodynamic digestion
    • we practically do not use Nebulizer, because:
    » loss of the sample
    » large size variation
Источник — «http://molbiol.ru/wiki/DNA_shearing»

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