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[править] Above 1€

itemprice per one [€]class
Caliper, 1 chip60electrophoresis
BioAnalyser, 1 chip20electrophoresis
Duran bottle with cap, 2L23bottles
2% HR agarose gel, full plate[1]11electrophoresis
Duran bottle with cap, 1L10bottles
2% HR agarose gel, 3/4 plate[1]8.7electrophoresis
Duran bottle with cap, 500ml7bottles
ULTRA TURRAX tube~5.5consumables
RNeasy MinElute cleaning5.3spin-columns
96-well PCR plate5.3plates
SYBR Green I/II staining sol., 100ml5electrophoresis
Duran bottle with cap, 25,..,250ml5bottles
Phenol, 50ml5chemicals
Covaris tube, 100µl5tubes
Phase-lock tube, 50ml4.8consumables
48-well RT-PCR plate3.2plates
Stericup 0.25-1L3-6filtration
SYBR GOLD staining sol., 100ml2.7electrophoresis
0.45-5µm 0.7ml spin filter2.6filtration
H2O, Ambion, 50ml2.2-4.5chemicals
Steriflip, 50ml2.2filtration
MinElute cleaning~1.7spin-columns
QIAquick cleaning~1.6spin-columns
Chloroform, Merck, 50ml1.6chemicals
gel with Gel Red/Green, full plate[1]~1.5electrophoresis
EtOH, Merck, 50ml1.2chemicals
1.5% agarose gel, full plate[1]1.1electrophoresis
TAE buf., 50x, Invitrogen, 20ml[2]1.1chemicals
Combitip, sterile1tips

[править] Below 1€

itemprice per one [¢]class
12% acrylamide gel (40% AA:BIS stock)~100electrophoresis
Tube, 15ml80 (25-50)tubes
Phase-lock tube, 2ml77consumables
Pipette, plastic, 25ml75pipettes
TAE buf., 50x, home-made, 20ml[2]~75chemicals
Tube, 50ml70 (30-40)tubes
Combitip, non-sterile56tips
0.2ml strip with caps55-110 (7-14 per tube)tubes
Sealing foil for 1 plate50-60plates
12% acrylamide gel (solid AA:BIS)~50electrophoresis
0.7% agarose gel, full plate[1]~50electrophoresis
Pipette, plastic; 5ml, 10ml40pipettes
Quant-It Qubit measurement38consumables
Isopropanol, Merck, 50ml28chemicals
Positive-displacement tip28tips
MultiNA, 1 sample20-40electrophoresis
Pipette, plastic; 1ml, 2ml20pipettes
Gloves (pair)~15consumables
Aluminiumfolie (25cm)~13consumables
Tube, 5ml, sterile12tubes
Tube, 100ml12tubes
Laser printout, color10-25office
Syringe, 1-10ml10-15consumables
G-50 for one column~10chemicals
Tube, 20ml9.5tubes
20G needle~8consumables
Tube, 5ml8tubes
Tube, 0.5ml, LoBind7.6tubes
pH strip6-12consumables
Polyethylene bag5-15consumables
Tip with filter~5tips
Tube, 2ml5tubes
Tube, 1.5ml, LoBind4.2tubes
Tube, 0.5ml, optical3.9tubes
Tube, 1.5ml3.4 (0.7-1)tubes
Saran Wrap, 25cm3.3consumables
Tip, 5ml3-7tips
Tube, 30ml2.6tubes
Tube, 2ml, w/o caps, volume marks2.4tubes
Laser Tough-Spot2consumables
Tube, 2ml, w/o caps1.6tubes
Tube, 0.5ml1.4 (0.2-0.5)tubes
Laser printout, b/w1-4office
Tip, blue; bulk / rack0.7 / 2-4tips
Tip, yellow; bulk / rack0.22 / 1-3tips
Office paper0.7office

some conclusions:

  • it is not worth to save on paper and reprints. Knowledge and accurate experiments are more important
  • some prices are really surprizing, it is worth to know costs for experiment planning

[править] Salary

for 8h x 22 working days per month:

5 min.47¢95¢142¢
1 min.9.5¢18.9¢28.4¢

 * if to take into account taxes, price will be ~2x more

  1. 1,0 1,1 1,2 1,3 1,4 full agarose gel plate: 140ml
  2. 2,0 2,1 for preparation of 1L of electrophoresis buffer

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